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We do all have a “throne room” which is our hearts
The throne room with powerful Ancient Doors
How powerful and mighty they are, who can understand them?
These hearts are everlasting, who can open them? (Jer.17:9)

For years, have this haunted readers:
Psalm 24:7

And how can the king enter your Throne room when you aren't with your Keys.
He knocks daily (Rev.3:20) so that Rev.4:1 could lead you on to the Treasures beyond the Doors.
For by entering the Ancient Doors comes with Great battles not fought with weapons neither Arsenals but with YAHDAH(Words of Praises)


WORDS carry Presence that supplies Information to the SPIRIT
SPIRITS carry Energy that supplies ACTIONS
ACTIONS carry Beliefs that supply FAITH
FAITH, The Shield to opening The Great Ancient Doors
YAHDAH Of All, The Key Word to Opening The Ancient Doors
Hearts Of Men, THE ANCIENT DOORS (Lies treasures beyond this Doors)

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