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Christmas is an annual festival about the birthof Jesus Christ observed by Christians every December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration all over the world. All over the world Christmas is known to be celebrated with Santa Claus with lots of gifts and decorations everywhere.

The word Christmas Celebration is also known as YULETIDE celebration and at times called X-MAS celebration. The letter X in the word X-MAS is known to be the Greek word for CHRIST i.e. ChristMas
Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the most high, the light of the world.
Christmas is secretly embedded with the meaning CHRIST MADE A SAVIOUR.



The first Christmas was celebrated on December 25, AD 336 in Rome. This date December 25 was chosen with Ancient pagan festival, Saturnalia to make Christianity easier to accept as the Roman Empire Religion.


In ancient times, the green tree became a symbol of celebration, reminder and decoration of Christmas as a result of the evergreen tree being used during rituals as a reminder of what spring would bring most times in form of blessing.

The most important colours used this period of celebration are Red, Green and Gold. They were made symbolic about the Lord Jesus Christ
Red – Symbolizes the Precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ with main significance as the saviour and the redeemer with the blood
Green – Symbolizes the Life and the rebirth. It also remind us of what the spring bring forth during the rituals of the ancient time using the evergreen tree.
Gold – Symbolizes our precious Lord Jesus Christ in his Royalty, wealth and Light.


Santa Claus is also known to be the Father of Christmas. St. Nicholas initiated this in Turkey in the 4th century with the aim of giving and dropping gifts secretly in peoples shoes who left them out for him. After the death of Mr.Nick, Santa Claus came in existence to be celebrated on the 6 of December which Christmas brought religious to be the giver of gift during the Christmas period and the protector of children.


The two most popular song during this period are;-

Jingle Bell – was the first song performed in the space on December 16,1965 by Astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford .They both reported seeing an object  look like satellite moving from North to South with the pilot wearing red suit. Then they launched the song to be “Jingle Bells”

Silent Night (Stille Nacht) ­­– is the most recorded Christmas song in history and in the Guinness book of record of over 900 versions of copyright. Initially known to be “Stille Nacht”.

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