Thursday, April 9, 2020



He stood at the door and knocked
I saw Him there but ignored him
He stood patiently waiting for me
Day after day, year after year

He saw every step I took
Every mistake I made
The pain and anguish I endured
He knocked, said He loved me and wanted the best for me.
I was reluctant- but He never left once!

The moment I let Him in
He bathed me in love
Healed my broken heart
Broke all my chains
Set me free and I never felt so alive

I was deceived again
Went back to my old ways, made mistakes
I thought He would hate me, want to reject me
But He was there, back at my door.

He waited for me
Called me the "Apple of His eyes"
I cried! I didn't deserve His love
He didn't leave no matter where I went.
He loved me no matter what I did

He didn't just say things, He proved them
I broke down the door and went running into His arms
...Because He waited!!!

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