Stem Of Jesse By Son Of An Arch.


Oh infant Jesus!

born in a manger

Out of a virgin came the Love of the world.

Out of the City of David,stands the Royal one

For how glorious this could ever be in the Lineage of a Prostitute


Surely did this Good News came out of Nazareth

How could the Baby In the manger became a problem to a king?

Growing day by day,little by little,weak and Helpless

But his Tears and Smile brought that which need to be proclaimed.

 The Good New!

Onto him every knee shall now

And unto him are all knees now!

Saviour of the entire Universe

How much could this Glorious name ought to be Proclaimed,

The Power and might of the precious name

Wondering what lives would have being without He

His stars remain as the everlasting compass unto Man 

His light shines forth than the infinite speed of light

His wisdom remains ultimate that even the wise seek Him 

For Unto Him the world was begotten and Unto Us A greater Love was Bestowed. 

Sweet Jesus! Came into the world in flesh and left in spirit

Stem of Jesse rod, The stronghold of Judah

Man of Joy, Royalty, Light, Love and Sorrow

A Gift For all the world,What a great Saviour!

  Justifying Every Sin Under Salvation      (JESUS!)

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