Move Out And Move On 
...written by Min.Igunnu Samuel

Despite the high level of inactive and inconsistency in the progress of people in several areas of their life.

Few factors are seen and tested to cause a turn-around in the lives of individuals both physically and spiritually.

While many of these factors are costly and so demanding, few are with low or without cost at all.

To be precise, a factor as cheap as a change in direction, speed, or velocity might just be all you need for your turn-around.

I mean movement.

From creation, Movements have been part of God's system (Gen 1vs 2b) and since then have been part of man's activity.

I don't really mean just walking, but a move that obeys instructions and yields purposes. A move that reveals growth in all areas of life.

Movement in life is a proof of God's presence in your life( Luke 2vs 52), that he is not done with you yet.

What Do I Need To Know?
Note that there are newly fashioned of things because the manufacturer or maker of those things knows that at a point in time, it will become old fashioned

This same example also can be applied to this post.

To move on with anything, you must have experienced or about to experience a move-out.

Let's reflect on Gen 12 vs 1-9, that is the story of how God called out Abraham to leave or move out of his father's house.

A place of rebellion to serve as a conduit for salvation. This was in the case of Abraham through which three religions; Christianity, Islam, and Judaism were founded.

Of course, yours might be quite different from the case of our father Abraham.

But one thing is certain, everyone is called to move out of a place, situation to list a few for a reason or the other.

Most of the time they are not always known to us. " _For I know the thought I have for you, the thought of all good things to bring an expected end"_

The question is, in what areas of your life are you sensing God's call to move out from
 Career ( Luke 5vs 10)
 Possessions ( Matt 19vs 21)
 Relationship (Judges 14)
 Location ( Gen 12vs1, Jonah 1&3) ? etc

Details of the areas of our lives that call for a move out will not be given to avoid _lengthy post._

But there are many lessons to learn from the storyline of the subject in this post but few will be discussed.
 Lessons To Learn
There are some few things to know to be able to understand and discern when God's calling to move out is upon your life

 God's call to move out is a call to obey God's revelation. From the scripture we drew our case study from, there was something that was key, he obeyed the revelation of moving out of his father's house without giving it a second thought.

Total obedience is all we need to move out of the life-threatening situations you found yourself.

In what way are you receiving your own call to move out, dream, voice, prophecy, etc?

I advise you to give it a thought.

 God's call to move out is costly. The cost of God's call to move out includes denying ourselves the pleasures of sin and will

 God's call to move out is a call to faith and dependence. Do you imagine how foolish you will be, telling family and friends that you are moving out of town, and they ask where to and your response is " I don't know, just following God"?
This is the life of _faith,_ faith is obedient action in response to what God has said.

 God's call to move out is a call out of sin and the world. Probably, part of the reason God called Abraham out was to cut him off of the idols they worshipped.

Abraham when God told him to move out of the land, it was seen that he left with his father and Lot his nephew, on their way to Cannan, they stopped in Haran before Terah couldn't continue with them

Hebrew meaning of Terah means _delay_ and Haran means _dryness._

So to move on with Christ, we need to drop everything we brought from the world as they cause delay and pain.
Blessings and other good things you can ever think of is in the total obedience to move out from that school of hard knocks you are.

All that qualifies you is your relationship with God because he is the giver of everything that is good

Make your way back to him and enjoy the full benefits. As you do that, you are blessed.

If you are blessed by this, don't let it stop with you only let others around you also benefit by helping to rebroadcast.

Wrritten By
Igunnu Samuel

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