By Min. Igunnu Sam.

One of the greatest thing more worst than lockdown is to be stock in the middle of making choice over a matter.

It's known to us that life is a bedrock of so many events either pleasant or unpleasant. To live or die is a choice. To live in Christ and to die is Gain but your choice still determines where you end.

This makes our choice count at every phase of our lives. A leaped choice before looking is tantamount to the vast destruction of an earthquake at the tick of the clock.

As a result, the battles won, red seas crossed doesn't just give you an applaud but rather shows the product of the choices you made. Your success towards or in the body of Christ are also dependent on the choices you have made. The ones (Success) you're are yet to achieve depends on the choices you're making right now as you read.

The subject is more of a football team which success in every match depends on the choice of the coach i.e the choice of players selected. 

We all are aware of the dangers when he fails to make the right choice of players for his team.

The answers are exactly the outcomes of a man's life that sees it unworthy to see beyond their present challenges and tasks to make the right choice.

Of course, choice-making goes beyond your instant answers or judgements over a matter or case. 

As much as that is needed, you also have to spend much time on your knees requesting for directives. Knowing your purpose in life will give you much reasons for every choice you're going to be making in your life. Choices with reasons(purpose) gives Joy (Life)  which is Divine and Choices Without reason(purpose) gives births to Sadness (Death).

Allow me to draw from the scripture (Luke 10vs38-42); it was about a woman and her sister that was in the middle of making a choice.

The truth is, from the physical standpoints of men, we might do likewise just as Martha did but you can see the end of Mary that her singular choice to stick with Christ's feet and listen to his sayings gave her eternity which is the one and only thing needed.

Furthermore, Joseph had the opportunity to lust after Potiphar's wife. But do you know what?

Rather to feed his lust with the physical meal(sex), he fed it with spiritual meal(the word) by resisting the devil and he flee.

Of course, he has many reasons to fall into the temptation even as many of us would have done but then he held onto God's promises for his life.

All these are choice-making by these people, and till date we still hear and read about them even to our present heros and heroine which have walked in the shadow of challenges and through their right decisions have come out strong.

For those who went through the wrong decisions just as in the story of Jacob and Esau, It takes the fervent Prayers and abundant Grace of God to re-write the level at which your choice has taken you.

Things you do today tells tomorrow that's why I live the rest of my life still going back sharing this book of Ecclesiastes to all Youths of this nation for generations to come (Ecclesiastes 11& 12). To all My brethren be Upright and true in Your Choice of decision taking so that your choice making won't stand against you in time come (Ecclesiastes 12: 6-8).


How serious is the matter that you are detrimental of making a choice that will cost you to regret all the days of your life?

How can you make the right choice when the source is lacking in your life?

Looking Up to him neglecting the troubles beneath that may want to sink you.

All your answers lies with him. The giver of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

Jesus Christ is his name!

Accept him into your life simply by saying with faith that "Lord Jesus, come and hold my hands, place my feets into the right path (Amen)"

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Written By

Igunnu Samuel

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  1. It is ours to choose death or life...... thanks for this reminder, God bless the writer.