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Have Victory Over It

Life itself has been said to be unfair, and neither the strong nor the mighty overcome by their strength.

Realizing early in life that nothing in this world happens ordinary, your birth, growth and well-being to mention just a few will save you from a lot of chaos.

World or physical is a caption of the spirit. Believe me, the physical is a slave to the spirit realm answerable to every bit of information which the spirit realm sends.

Furthermore, the spirit realm is likened to a motherboard or dashboard that sends transmission to its components; the world or physical realm.

As a result, the niche between life(physical realm) and the spirit world can't be underestimated.

Then to be victorious, the numbers of battle won, puzzles solved in the spirit determines you a Victor or Victim.

Why Should I Believe This?

To believe this relies on the extent you can read and understand this post.

Ability to see beyond the physical, allowing the spirit of God to unravel that nothing happens coincidentally but a programmed data.

Though the results we command depends on our choice and decision.

Let's get started.

Permit me to take this reference from Genesis 28vs10-16. I'm sure most of us are familiar with it.

The life of the subject in the reference received a complete turn-around from the spirit realm i.e in his dream.

And all the reassurance and promises given to him in the spirit realm all came to reality (Gen.35vs7).

Notably, the battle won in the spirit realm is as real and permanent as the war of the wall of Jericho won by God through the isrealites which till this present day, have not been rebuild by anyone.

Also, Joseph in the Bible is another reference. Through dream (spirit realm), he got the insight of God's plan for his life.

From the physical viewpoint of Joseph's life, we thought his brother contrived to kill him and later sold him as a slave.

Of the truth, that is the story as men saw it but the divine viewpoint, God was there all the time.

How To Have Victory

There is no victory outside Christ, the enjoyment of the victory he had over Satan is what we all are still benefiting from.

To have and retain the victory, we must:-
Study our Bible regularly.
Jesus Christ rebuked lukewarm christians, so at all times we must be vibrant.
Fasting and praying.
Victory over trials and life challenges is open to everybody that is ready to accept Jesus Christ genuinely into their life

All you need to do to be a partaker is to inform him ' Lord Jesus, I surrender my life in totality to drive it according to your will and not mine (Amen)'.

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Remain Blessed!

Written By
Min. Igunnu Samuel
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