Jesus went on a Self isolation in the grave for our sins. He was unduly quarantined even though He tested negative to sin. His Resurrection from His Isolation Centre after three days formed the foundation for our release from the lock down by sin. Anyone who has been infected by the virus of sin can be sanitized and recovered through the vaccine of the Blood of Jesus. He will subsequently live a Victorious Life through the Ventilator of the Holy Spirit.

Going through the deepest part of my mind, 

A name was spread vastly in the whole universe and has the name, Jesus spread to the extent at which this epidemic has gone?
The world Is coming to an End, Our Sins are Ruling Over us, Our deeds are gone over flow in their Cups, Some of them doesn't have God, Why does It have to End Now, Do we really need Christ,Choloroquine, COVID-19 Anti-Virus,His Blood, His Our God Really Angry, What we need to do?

Looking on to the other side

Deaths flows like the ocean in the universe,
Mighty States falling underneath long time existing “Symptoms”
Technology became Irrelevant, Scientists are In Chaos
Doctors now Unsave, Microbiologist In pandemonium, Nurses in their tough time with patients
Masks, gloves, Safety gear became the best option
Test became Vast And Knowledge became Hidden, what a Terrific Epidemic Period!

The knowledge for the Cure became  hidden away from the learned and the unlearned (Isaiah 29:11)
All this catastrophe emerges at the period of crucifixion, the shedding of the cure and without this their won't be remissions of Sins. What a Great Mystery!

Looking Now Upwards, The Mystery begins! 

Walking down the Street the shout of Perilous time is Now.
Why rock in fear when The Great great physician is here again
Just as in those days,He said...
Call unto me and I would answer.

Only by the dosage of that name,
his blood is there to make up without any dose
All time available,never either scarce or expensive
But why do we find it difficult to ask for it.

If only my people would go to the pharmacy for this name,
Then will he pour out the liquid
Without measurements,in abundance, Without an ending
Just for the sake of healing their land
Lest it not be that We are going about stealing what we end up knowing is ours
We only tend to be like a Fool in God's face.

We have full access to the Pharmacy, without A pay but with Grace,with an established name of the Great Physician in sufficient measures without prescription or Usage Description.

It's High time we need the patronage not even being compelled but looking up in the little level of our faith more like a mustard seed to the Author and Finisher of the Diseases.

Either in Anger or In Punishment has he created (the Author) and by the tender mercy of Is will he stand forever upon his anointed and his children when we call his name and upon his right Hand where The World, The Light,The Healing, The Cure, The 'Anti-Whatever’ dwells will he Lay Upon Our lands and his Mercy shall Reign.

God has given us a way out of this circumstance: Jesus. So embrace Him and let Him Heal you. God is always there for you, holding you and embracing you through it all.

He sees the cry of the entire Universe. The Lord is with you including the time of shedding tears. He cares more about the whole world  than you could imagine, so don’t let the pain push you away from Him.Embrace him and let him lift you up to the Cure. 


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