Never experiment with your Life
You only live-up Once! 
The injuries thereof of a Bullet are deadly
Life is too short for Unnecessary mistakes 
So avoid playing with Bullets.

There are injuries you can recover from
But of a Bullet,you may never recover! 
In a whole Life time many never get healed of it. 
How tough is the injury of a Bullet?

We live in the midst of this flying Bullets
At times prone to the floor in tears by the re-echoing burst of guns. 
But one thing is that you are the only expert of yourself in Maneuvering while in tight space with the motion of a bullet.

Faster than we can is the Speed of Bullets and the agents therein. 
Why Do You Bleed? A Bullet lies in you
Stop holding the guns and avoid shooting yourself. 
You need no gun-handling skills, do you know what you need? 
You need the Bullets control (CHRIST) to maneuver you from the injuries of a Bullet (SIN)


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