Need A FreeLancer On Religion and Spirituality That Pay Freelance Writers

26 Publications on Religion and Spirituality That Pay Freelance Writers
Do you view the world through a spiritual lens? Are you fascinated by the intersection of religion and politics?

Religious and spiritual writing runs a wide gamut from hard news reporting to lifestyle pieces for particular faith-based demographics.

Whether you’re interested in writing specifically on religious topics, looking for Christian writing jobs or simply want an audience who understands where you’re coming from, these 26 publications are a good place to start.

Our list includes websites, literary journals and magazines from a variety of spiritual perspectives. And best of all? They pay their writers.

New to freelancing? Make sure you know the basics about who and how to pitch before you reach out to a publication.

Add these 26 publications, including Christian magazines, to your pitching list
Here are 26 publications on religion and spirituality that pay freelance writers.

1. First Things
Published by the Institute on Religion and Public Life, First Things is a conservative and heady publication which offers predominantly Christian and Jewish perspectives. It accepts opinion pieces, featured articles and book reviews in print and online.

2. The Forward
The Forward offers political and cultural coverage for topics relevant to the American Jewish community.

3. America
This is a Jesuit-run publication with a Roman Catholic audience. It publishes reported pieces, personal essays and poetry on politics, faith, arts and culture with a religious or moral angle.

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4. Tricycle
Tricycle is an impressive quarterly magazine which explores various types of Buddhist ideas. It also pays for quality online content.

5. Guideposts
Guideposts is most known for its inspirational personal stories of how individuals “overcame obstacles, rose above failures, handled sorrow, gained new spiritual insight, and became more effective people through faith in God.” The monthly magazine also offers lifestyle posts, on anything from recipes to parenting tips.

6. Relevant Magazine
A bimonthly lifestyle magazine for Christians in their 20s and 30s. Relevant calls itself progressive, but it’s still theologically conservative and targets an evangelical audience.

7. U.S. Catholic
U.S. Catholic is a monthly magazine for an American Catholic audience which focuses on social justice and pop culture.

8. The War Cry
Published by the Salvation Army, The War Cry provides inspirational posts that fit within the mission of the nonprofit.

9. Woman Alive
Woman Alive is a UK-based Christian lifestyle magazine for women.

10. Spirituality and Health Magazine
This bimonthly multi-faith print magazine goes out of its way to avoid being “new age-y” and offers intelligent pieces on a variety of topics at the intersection of spirituality and health.

11. Tablet Magazine
Tablet is a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas and culture. It does not accept unsolicited freelance opinion pieces.

12. Sojourners
This ecumenical magazine covers the intersections of politics, faith and culture.

13. Religion Dispatches
Religion Dispatches offers current events and timely coverage of religion in American culture and politics. It specifically challenges “an ultra-conservative fringe that invites free discussion of religious ideas once they’ve hit the public square.”

14. Geez Magazine
A quarterly magazine with the tagline “contemplative cultural resistance,” Geez Magazine centers around social-justice issues and is usually theme-based. Geez is Christian-leaning, but not strictly so.

15. For Her
For Her is a lifestyle site for Christian women.

16. Christianity Today
An evangelical magazine published 10 times per year with robust online content, Christianity Today is probably the mostly widely read evangelical Christian publication.

17. Religion & Politics
Run by the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University in St. Louis, this website offers political opinions from multiple faith traditions.

18. Horizons
A magazine for Presbyterian women, Horizons seeks interviews, feature articles and Bible study resources.

19. One
One is a bimonthly magazine for a Catholic audience with interest in the Near East, particularly its modern religious, cultural and political aspects.

20. Prairie Messenger
This weekly Catholic publication is published by the Benedictine Monks of St. Peter’s Abbey in Saskatchewan, Canada. It has a strong focus on ecumenism, social justice, interfaith relations, aboriginal issues, arts, and culture.

21. St. Anthony Messenger
St. Anthony Messenger is a monthly Catholic family magazine which aims to help its readers lead more fully human and Christian lives. It pays for opinion pieces, feature articles, fiction and poetry.

22. Point Magazine
Point is the official magazine of Converge, the Baptist General Conference. It is published four times a year covering conference and denominational news.

23. Purpose
This monthly publication is published by Mennomedia, the publisher for the Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA. Per its writer guidelines, the publication is looking for true stories and poetry that match its monthly themes.

24. Living Church
This bi-weekly print magazine covers “Anglican Communion news, cultural analysis, and teaching.”

25. Light and Life Magazine
Light and Life is a monthly theme-based publication from the Free Methodist Church–USA.

26. Busted Halo
Busted Halo is a Catholic-based publication that aims to “help people understand the Catholic faith, put it into practice in their everyday lives and share it with others.” Pitches are preferred, but they do accept unpublished submissions.

Share other faith-based publications in the comments! Who do you love working with?

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