Hi Scrolls is here Again reborn

SCROLLS_The Mordern Papyrus

Scrolls is rebirthed with the full mandate of Writing bring back the glory of its historical essence containing Write-ups, Medias,Entertainments,Religious purposes ,Educational history and Ancients Facts to be kept in for Future purposes


Scrolls essence is attributed to giving information its lost glory through this world of vast Information ( and to the world of lyrical entertainment niche.

Scrolls is also giving birth to alot of helps for Educational purposes & writeups,Religious Write-ups.Alongside Scrolls is a life journal to preserve the dignity and value of history.

If you dont learn from the past you cannot overcome the future

In the world of media and technology, many of us are now lost in the vast ways technology has changed our society and our personal life.
So that is what we are here for, to give history its glory back.

There is a saying that if you know where you are coming from, then you will clearly know where you are going to.

But Not Just That!

So we here at scrolls will also be bringing to table Creativity and entertainment gist analysis alongside with lyrics and songs.

I'm happy to have you here and welcome to our WORLD where history and information RULE

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